Don’t just learn to drive, learn to stay alive!

Established in 1993, Academy Driving School prides itself on teaching students about how to drive safely.

Our friendly instructors and administration staff will help you every step of the way towards obtaining your drivers’ license.

Tired of having to ask for lifts? Or are you sick of waiting for buses that never turn up on time?

Then why not take your first step towards becoming a licensed car driver with Academy Driving offering you lessons in and around Perth, WA!

We understand it can be a little nerve wrecking getting in the driver’s seat behind the wheel for the first time, which is why we have plenty of patience and well experienced driving instructors waiting for you.

Our instructors can offer you completely customised lessons

Whether it’s your first time manoeuvring a gearstick or if you have previous driving experience, keeping that in mind we can start off with beginner lessons or some more advanced lessons.

We offer you a full one-hour driving lesson and have dual control cars for your safety, so if you get stuck or need a hand while moving on the road, we can take over at any time.

You’re in safe, professional hands

With our friendly instructor team, you can completely avoid those panic attacks and stay more focused on the road, with an excellent level of confidence.

All of our cars are modern power steering and air conditioned for your comfort; you can stay more concentrated on what’s happening ahead while we safely guide you on your way.

Diverse range of learning

We can also train you in both manual and automatic dual controlled cars, to give you the highest confidence in passing your driving test no matter which vehicle you drive.

Academy Driving welcomes overseas drivers and international students, and we can offer you a better run down of driving legislations in Australia.

Flexible around you

Our team consists of both male and female instructors so we can schedule your lessons with whoever you’re most comfortable with whenever you’re most comfortable. So if it’s the weekend or evening that suits you most, we can even provide you with Driving Lessons then.

We offer our lessons at the most reasonable rates in Perth and have student driver discounts as we understand it’s not easy to afford lessons while you’re also studying. We also offer a money back guarantee on your first lesson with us if you are unsatisfied with our lesson.

Highly practical driving lessons

Chances are you’ll most likely be booking your next lesson by the end of our first lesson, as a majority of our students can pass their driving test first time with our highly effective driving lessons!

When you need a driving instructor from a driving school that is going to make a real difference in your driving ability. Come to where so many already go in Perth. Academy Driving.

Academy Driving School Offers:

  • Automatic or manual training
  • Ttaught by professional driving instructors
  • Written reports after every lesson
  • Complimentary Folder
  • Emergency breakdown procedures
  • Package Deals
  • Overseas License Conversions
  • Vehicle orientation and maintenance instruction
  • Air Conditioned Vehicles
  • Easy convenience to and from lessons (work, home, school, etc.)

We have professionally taught driving instructors with years of experience.

As one of the top driving schools in Perth with a pass rate of over 90%, our students leave feeling confident that they can handle themselves, safely, under the teachings of Academy Driving School.

Our patient and friendly instructors specialize in quality tuition, conducted at a pace that is suitable for the individual whatever level you are at.

Helping new drivers for over 20 years

Academy Driving School has been helping Australia’s new drivers become the best drivers in Australia for more than 20 years.

With driving schools in East Perth, West Perth, Morley, Greenwood, Maylands, Subiaco, Tuart Hill, Scarborough, Mount Lawley and Victoria, Academy Driving School is convenient wherever you live.

Recognized as a high-class driving school

Academy Driving School is the recipient of two Belmont Small Business Awards and recommended by a former secretary general of the United States.

Academy Driving School takes pride in the fact that we are a top rated school in Perth with a driver pass rate over 90%. Our instructors are friendly and professional, tailoring each lesson to your individual skill level.

Academy Driving School is with you during the entire course of your lessons

Our program sets you up for success with written reports after each lesson, professional instructors, a complimentary folder, training in manual or automatic and convenience to and from your lessons.

You will always feel comfortable and safe in our Academy Driving School vehicles. We provide air-conditioning, dual controls and tinted windows in each of our vehicles. Additionally, each vehicle has a fire extinguisher, first aid kit and emergency reflective triangles for your safety.

Our Driving Instructors have you covered for any event

Our Perth Driving School is not just for beginners. We also offer overseas license conversion, refresher lessons, instructor training, aged test and conversion from manual to automatic licensing.

Our professional instructors will prepare you for what to expect on the driving test. When you choose Academy Driving School, we make sure you are fully prepared when you are ready to take your driving test.

We offer a broad range of packages to meet your needs and budget requirements.

We offer packages with lessons only, options for home pick up or test centre meetings, and lessons that include a copy of the Comprehensive Australia and New Zealand Drivers Guide.

Additional offerings include lessons and test or freeway and city driving lessons. Academy Driving School also includes a pre-road training demonstration that covers checking oil, tyre pressure, brake fluid, windscreen washer fluid, battery, transmission oil, power steering fluid and filling up the petrol.

If you want the best, choose Academy Driving School.

With our driving pass guarantee, you will become a confident, skilled driver in no time at all.

Our clients are happy and extremely satisfied with their instructors and their results as illustrated in their testimonials. Choose Academy Driving School to become the best of the best.

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